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With more than a decade of experience navigating in the backcountry, I have become familiar with some of the best venues for high quality outdoor experiences from mountaineering, to roadside cragging. I'm an Assistant Rock Guide and Apprentice Alpine and Ski Guide through the American Mountain Guides Association, and have been involved with outdoor education for almost 15 years. 

I grew up in Crested Butte, Colorado where I was fortunate enough to have parents that introduced me to outdoor sports. We spent family trips backpacking, rafting, rock climbing, or skiing. I learned to make friends with the beetles and snakes, and eventually got psyched about walking long distances with a heavy pack, or jamming my limbs into cracks to climb. 

I've also called the Sonoran Desert and the Pacific Northwest my home for various stints, which has rounded out my outdoor repertoire to include venues in the vast variety of ecosystems around the West. I'm happy bundling up in layers of down to climb glaciated peaks, and can also find and conserve water while recreating in the desert. 

My motivation for guiding is being able to share wild landscapes with people from all walks of life. I figure if you develop a relationship with a place, you'll care about conserving it. Ultimately, I find it important for us all to recognize that there's far more in this world outside of human existence. 

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                      - Backcountry Skiing 
                      - Avalanche Courses
                      - Rock Climbing
                      - Ice Climbing
                      - Mountaineering

For private trips, contact me directly at brookedwarren (at) gmail.com. 

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